PowaTag The App That Allows You To Make Purchases Via Smartphones

PowaTag The App That Allows You To Make Purchases Via Smartphones

PowaTag arrives the app that allows you to make purchases via smartphones. A new application designed to radically change our way of shopping. To use it, simply pull out the phone from her bag, open the app, photograph a code found on products, flyers, newspapers, radio, TV and any form of printed material and you’re done; within two days, the elected leader will end up in our closet. No line at the cash or cash payment. PowaTag works by exploiting some specific tag associated with the product, that once scanned redirect directly to the purchase of the piece. In other words I see a beautiful dress in the newspaper, I photograph a specific code, within seconds the purchase, two days later at my house.

The app can only be used after recording their data, including the number of the credit card and shipping address for the product game ppsspp. At the time the application manufacturer company employs 500 people, of which fifteen working in the Milan office. We can become Google’s biggest, says the founder of PowaTag, Dan Wagner. You’ll soon see these tags anywhere our purchasing process is fluid and very short.

850 are the brands that have agreed to cooperate with PowaTag, but only two are already active. Wagner is still quiet The first results will be seen between late October and early November. A to debut the system in Italy is the brand Reasons, which since October 2 has turned his Milan boutique into a smart store where you can purchase them with this technology, which aims to make shopping less tiring.

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