How To Insert Antiques In A House In A Modern Style

How To Insert Antiques In A House In A Modern Style

Furnish the house without sacrificing the functionality of the modern or the classic taste of the old you can just follow a few simple rules: here’s how.

The style of furniture is the first thought when you choose the furniture, but often we are not attracted to one form of furniture and we would be able to merge multiple styles, with real results. It is good practice, however, not to exaggerate the number of styles to be mixed: better choose two and make the best of both. A perfect mix and much appreciated is that he sees the use of modern and functional with the addition of antiques (or more classic-looking). Also in this case, being so different styles and, in a sense, opposite, it is good to follow some rules to obtain a result aesthetically valid: let’s see what.
Classic and modern: the rules for mixing styles of furniture

The lines

The modern style has clean lines, minimal, often subtle, while the classical style is the exact opposite: massive, opulent, “cumbersome”. For a result that it maintains the idea of ??space and does not limit the light, it is good to pull the furniture bulkier than thinner.


Not every corner crammed with furniture and objects, but always leave space, a kind of breath that does not give the idea of ??being in a bazaar and that, above all, not mortificherà nor the two styles nor the furniture itself. In a full wall of closets, desks and chairs no piece will stand out and everything would be overshadowed, in a chaos of furniture meaningless.

Respect the environment

What’s good for the living room can not fit for the bedroom, then harmonized with care. For example, if your closet is classically therefore “heavy” and very refined in detail, do not add too bed and drawers just as opulent: better to focus on the delicate lines of the modern.

Imagine environments

Try to visualize the rooms with the furniture that you want to add: there is enough light? What is missing? What is too much? Do you feel comfortable? What ever you like is well harmonized and exposed? When you have answered these questions, you can proceed.

Never exaggerate

If you start from a basic style, with furniture already, and you just want to add something that gives a different twist, the first rule is not to overdo it, and respect the existing furniture. If the style of furniture is minimal and modern betting on a beautiful chair classic, lined with light colors and light fabrics. If you need a desk, choose it accostatele vintage and a comfortable chair and modern. If, however, your home reflects a classical style, betting on coffee tables more devoid of special chairs and no frills.

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