How To Be An Entrepreneur And Not Die In The Attempt

If you have thought about setting up a business, a company or simply becoming independent of the old job that links you to the Godín desk , you will surely be interested in knowing a little more about the entrepreneur’s ecosystem. And of course, one of the first steps is to think how to start. You can do this either in the solitude of a cafeteria or on a long walk through your neighboring streets or while watching a bad movie in the cinema. Maybe the idea comes to you when you wake up from the nightmare of going to the office you hate, to the work you hate and to the boss you do not tolerate.

The Mexican entrepreneur, in these times of millennials , has many more possibilities to start his project if we take into account the large amount of information available, government support , entities that support new ideas , investment funds , communities of social networks for entrepreneurs , journals dedicated to this topic (such as Entrepreneur ) and many other things that make the task, while equally difficult, less solitary.

Therefore, the entrepreneurial ecosystem often works as a self-help group as many others that make you feel accompanied in the difficult path that you have in front of you. Just as there is a 12-step program to avoid falling into the temptation of that glass of wine or a program to avoid falling into depression or a program to overcome the grief of the death of a loved one, there are also moments when go through any entrepreneur who will make you feel the warmth of not being alone in this battle. Therefore, here we leave you 6 steps that every entrepreneur goes through:

1. Confidence

you decided to take the leap towards a new life and finally your project begins. The first day there are certain doubts but the sun shines on your face and nobody can stop you today. You want to eat the world and decide to learn as much as possible from others so as not to make the same mistakes. You consult all the Entrepreneur articles base , you review the INADEM calls and you begin to understand more or less what is that of incubators, accelerators, investment funds, SME credit, etc. You make your model Canvas , you define your mission , your vision and the valuesyou want to print on your project and finally your Business Plan starts to take shape. Data consultations with suppliers, you decide between the best options, you define sales channels, you plan what workforce you need, you determine prices and above all, you make your projections. It is a difficult first year but your product will be sold only for what you project that the second year, you will have an exponential growth and keep the trend for the next 5 years.

“This is the best decision I’ve made.”

2. Doubt

There are no moments that lack uncertainty when you start a project so the doubt will be perennial and inherent in your new life. Doubts if everything you did in step 1, was correct and look for options to reinforce your projections. Justify that life often works thanks to trial and errorinstead of having strict plans. And of course, you adjust everything that you think may go wrong or that you already notice that it is not going according to plan. You think you have already invested enough time not to back down but you know that you could, if it really turns ugly, go back to the job you hate and the boss you can not stand. You trust your project, however, you have a deep network with a life-saving network that can return you to safe land. You want to discover America but you know that in the Port of Palos a hot meal and a good wine await you if you wish.

3. Frustration

The boat makes waves and little by little the project begins to lose speed. The debts increase and the savings decrease drastically. Asking for credits or help to the family becomes a routine activity and you are sure that you could have done something better from the beginning. Maybe you would not have embarked on the adventure if you had known everything you know now. And it frustrates you that despite giving your life for your project, you can not get to that place where you dreamed when you were still full of confidence. Your escape for this moment has been left behind. You have too much invested in your project and the only thing you have left is to walk dark and hope that there are no ice floes that end up sinking because the projections do not fit with reality.

” In Excel, we are all rich ”

4. Despair

The water and the food that you kept in your backpack is over when you decided to go to the desert to live an adventure. There is only sand and sun in front of you and you know that wherever you look, there will be new pains and sorrows. You know you can not do anything but continue to walk waiting for the miraculous oasis. You understand your situation and look back in time when life was happy and you had a safe monthly salary. Now there is no way out. And you are sure that you can not go back to emptiness either.

5. Acceptance.

You look at yourself and you know that you have done everything you could. There are no forces in you because you have given everything. You know that you can not recriminate anything and that life is much stronger than you. You accept what comes to you and stop worrying about dodging stones on the road. You understand that not everything depends entirely on your will and you accept destiny and providence. You appreciate your mistakes and appreciate the learning they gave you. You burned your ships to seek glory and there is no other way than to go on.

6. Overcoming In the surprise of a morning, you see a bird that flies next to your boat.

Observe reflections of light that break the darkness of the night to the distance and you realize that everything can end soon. After everything you’ve gone through, a little more pain does not even matter because you’ve finally gotten where you wanted to go. You begin to see the fruits of your adventure and the sweet taste of the victory of the struggle you had against your own demons, against the world and against everyone who told you that setting up a business musikji is tremendously difficult comes to your mouth. After much effort, the raindrops fall that rekindle any thirst. Customers arrive and your company really takes, now, its way.

This is your moment and finally, you have arrived.

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