Dietary Fruit Shakes, Recipes To Get Back Into Shape

Dietary Fruit Shakes, Recipes To Get Back Into Shape

Dietary fruit smoothies, recipes to get back in shape with light, nutritious, fresh and tasty drinks based on fresh seasonal fruit. Let’s see some quick and delicious recipes to stay in shape without fatigue. Apple, papaya, grapefruit, berries and lots of other fruits to combine to speed up weight loss and get back into shape with low-calorie shakes.
Smoothies, nutritious and dietary summer drinks

Unlike fruit centrifuges, fruit smoothies often contain milk and yogurt and can therefore be more calories than centrifuges. However, if we follow a few tastes, we can have some good low-calorie, full-bodied taste and vitamins and fiber for our bodies, helping us to have more energy and to get back in a healthy and cheerful way. For example, you may prefer partially skimmed milk or soy milk to the whole as light fruit shakes may be preferable, as both are low in fat and low calorie; Likewise, choose lean yogurt instead of the whole to reduce fat and calories. If you want an even more summer and refreshing drink, you can add ice to reduce the amount of milk and lower your calorie intake. In case you want to use a sweetener, choose honey instead of sugar as it is a natural and unrefined ingredient that has the advantage of better mixing with the other ingredients. Smoothies are excellent anti-foul because they increase sense of satiety and therefore, drank as snacks in mid-morning or afternoon, they reduce and appease the appetite feeling that can attack our body during the day. They also have purifying properties, they are diuretic and detoxifying beverages especially if taken for fasting such as breakfast. Let’s find some recipe of light shakes to fresh DIY fruit, just to try.
Smoked red grapefruit and mint.Cut the sweet slices and serve with the chocolate sauce

Ingredients 1 red grapefruit (about 250 g), 100g yogurt, half a glass of apple juice, 1 mint sprig

Preparation Spray the red grapefruit, unite it with apple juice, yogurt and three mint leaves, grind the ingredients and, once ready, put the batter into a glass and serve it with the rest of the mint. Just eat it ready.

The red grapefruit juice and mint contains only 166 calories and has the advantage of being fresh by adding a fragrant and refreshing ingredient like mint. It also has the advantage of being made only with yogurt without the addition of milk, reducing fat intake.

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