Did Love Ever Break Your Wallet?

Do not break your head or your pocket on this Valentine’s Day. Here we bring you some tips.

The following week is celebrated on February 14, Valentine’s Day, and many will be looking for the ideal gift or planning the perfect occasion to celebrate. Only in 2016, the celebration of the Day of Love and Friendship estimated an economic income of 20 thousand 261 million pesos, which represented an increase of 2.7 percent over 2015, said the Confederation of National Chambers of Commerce, Services and Tourism (CONCANACO). Is not love great?

Think about this, do you put the same effort into planning your personal finances as you do to find the perfect gift for that special person? If you have not yet defined a plan for how much you will spend that day, your debts could increase. So we share three tips to enjoy this date with your partner or friends and leave unharmed financially.

1. Anticipate to love

Before celebrating February 14, first meet your finances. Lean on the formula of savings: Income – Savings = Expense and review how much you can spend on that day without affecting your monthly income and your savings, additionally consider the expenses that you can reduce in this month so it will be easier to design the perfect plan without waste your money

2. 364 days of love and friendship

If you are one of the people who celebrate your partner and friends on February 14, we recommend that you do not spend your entire fortnight in a single day. You will still have 364 more days to continue enjoying the love and friendship with whomever you want, so commemorating the date without excesses will allow you to enjoy the remaining days of the year without worries and love to give.

3. Compare prices, share love

Planning your best ally, days before February 14 different stores, department stores and restaurants launch their offers for Valentine’s Day. If you previously compare the prices between the different options it will be easier to take advantage of special discounts or promotions. You can also buy in advance the chocolates or the detail you want to give and not pay more just that day. The key to celebrating that day without financial stress is to previously investigate the costs and keep track of your expenses so that in the future you can buy the engagement ring, save for a department’s down payment, pay for the wedding or travel abroad. with friends.

What if I’m one of those who do not like to celebrate that day? Think that there are other ways to celebrate love and friendship. You can start a savings plan in the short or medium term to go on a trip as a couple, or save with your friends to go to the next soccer world cup in 2018. And that your long-term plan is to contribute at least 10% of your income in your Afore so that your future self also enjoys its retirement surrounded by a lot of love.

Love and friendship do not need a day to celebrate because it must always be present in all your emotional relationships. But if you celebrate, overcoming Valentine’s Day is easier than you think.

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